Linka Smart Lock

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Keyless Access. With LINKA Smart Bike Lock, gone are the days of looking for your keys while your hands are full. LINKA offers a truly keyless access to your bike. LINKA can detect you as you approach, and can automatically unlock within a radius of up to 2m (6ft).



  • Phoneless Access Code
    Always have access to your LINKA, even when your phone battery dies. You can set, view, and change your four-digit phone-less access code through the app.
  • Low Battery Reminder
    LINKA’s battery lasts up to 16 months. It can be charged in less than 2 hours through micro-USB. You’ll get battery low heads up notifications at 30% and 10% to ensure you'll always remember to charge.
  • Tamper Sensitivity Adjustment
    Sometimes you park in a garage and sometimes in a bustling metropolis. Adjust the sensitivity of the tamper alarm and avoid false alarms.


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